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INTERPRAEVENT International Symposium 2018

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Organized by:

- The Pacific Rim INTERPRAEVENT Committee of Japan
- Organizing Committee of INTERPRAEVENT International Symposium 2018 

Co-organized by:
- International Research Society INTERPRAEVENT

- Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering (JSECE)
- International Sabo Association (ISA)

Supported by: 

- Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)

- Toyama Prefectural Government

In cooperation with: 

- Japan Sabo Association (JSA)

- Sabo and Landslides Technical Center (STC)

- Sabo Frontier Foundation (SFF)

- Japan Association for Slope Disaster Management (JASDiM)

Members of Organizing Committee of INTERPRAEVENT 2018

Chair Person
- Yoshiharu Ishikawa : Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology,

                               Vice-President of INTREPRAEVENT , Ex-President of JSECE


- Masao Okamoto     Chief Director of JSA

- Koji Kamee            Chief Director of SFF, Director of JSECE

- Kazuyuki Imai        Director of Sabo Planning Division, Sabo Department, MLIT

- Kouichi Kondo        Director Chief of STC, Vice-President of JASDiM

- Shinya Hiramatsu    Professor of Sinshu University, Director of JSECE

- Hiroshi Nishii          Leader of Erosion and Sediment Control Research Group,

                             Public Works Research Institute

- Atsushi Okamoto    Directer of SABO Department, National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management,MLIT

- Tomomi Marutani Professor of Hokkaido University, President of JSECE

- Noriyuki Minami      President of Pacific Rim INTERPRAEVENT Committee of Japan,

                             Chief Director of ISA, Vice-President of JSECE

- Takashi Yamada     Professor of Mie University, Director of JSECE

- Kazuhisa Itou         Director of River Department, Hokuriku Regional Bureau, MLIT

- Shoetsu Kato         Director of Civil Engineering Department, Toyama Prefecture 


- Hiroyuki Ohno        Managing Director of STC, Dirctor of JSECE,

                             Director of INTERPRAEVENT,

                             Visiting Professor of Toyama Prefecture University

- Kiichiro Ogawa       Vice-President of JSECE

Special Advisor
- Takakazu Ishii        Governor of Toyama Prefecture 

- Hideaki Marui         Professor of Niigata University,

                             Former Vice-President of INTREPRAEVENT