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INTERPRAEVENT International Symposium 2018

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Organized by:

- The Pacific Rim INTERPRAEVENT Committee of Japan
- Organizing Committee of INTERPRAEVENT International Symposium 2018 

Co-organized by:
- International Research Society INTERPRAEVENT

- Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering (JSECE)
- International Sabo Association (ISA)

Supported by: 

- Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)

- Toyama Prefectural Government

In cooperation with: 

- Japan Sabo Association (JSA)

- Sabo and Landslides Technical Center (STC)

- Sabo Frontier Foundation (SFF)

- Japan Association for Slope Disaster Management (JASDiM)

Members of Organizing Committee of INTERPRAEVENT 2018

Chair Person
Yoshiharu Ishikawa : Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology,

                               Vice-President of INTREPRAEVENT , Ex-President of JSECE


Masao Okamoto     Chief Director of JSA

Koji Kamee            Chief Director of SFF, Director of JSECE

Junichi Kurihara      Director of Sabo Planning Division, Sabo Department, MLIT

Kouichi Kondo        Director Chief of STC, Vice-President of JASDiM

Shinya Hiramatsu    Professor of Sinshu University, Director of JSECE

Kazunori Fujisawa   Leader of Erosion and Sediment Control Research Group,

                             Public Works Research Institute

Atsushi Okamoto    Directer of SABO Department, National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management,MLIT

Tomomi Marutani Professor of Hokkaido University, President of JSECE

Noriyuki Minami      President of Pacific Rim INTERPRAEVENT Committee of Japan,

                             Chief Director of ISA, Vice-President of JSECE

Takashi Yamada     Professor of Mie University, Director of JSECE

Kazuhisa Itou         Director of River Department, Hokuriku Regional Bureau, MLIT

Shoetsu Kato         Director of Civil Engineering Department, Toyama Prefecture 


Hiroyuki Ohno        Managing Director of STC, Dirctor of JSECE,

                             Director of INTERPRAEVENT,

                             Visiting Professor of Toyama Prefecture University

Kiichiro Ogawa       Vice-President of JSECE

Special Advisor
Takakazu Ishii        Governor of Toyama Prefecture 

Hideaki Marui         Professor of Niigata University,

                             Former Vice-President of INTREPRAEVENT